Simple, powerful and thorough.

The Leading PAYE Packages available for the local market. It is continually being updated and improved, and boasts many powerful, but simple to use features. Managing employee wages even in small companies is a tedious and time consuming task, so why not let PayMASTER do the work for you.

Our payroll package is all of the following:
PayMASTER allows you to create pay slips for your employees in a few clicks. You can use a standard pay slip template or modify it to create an individual template for each of your employees.

Newton Systems is home to a dedicated team of software developers, whose experience spans multiple platforms, languages and development tools. As well as having a pool of existing software, we can tailor-make databases from scratch according to client requirements.

We pride ourselves on our system's flexibility, but does you company have a highly specific requirement that is not catered for by PayMASTER? Well, because the system is entirely written and maintained by our local development team, it can always be expanded and tailored. Indeed, PayMASTER has already been modified and improved to meet the needs of our existing client base here in Gibraltar.